Seeking an Aspiring TUTOR-PHC Trainee

The TRANSFORMATION Study is seeking an aspiring TUTOR-PHC trainee to work on our existing dataset. The study focuses on regional measurement and reporting in the area of primary care. Our activities include: 1) Comparing comprehensive measures of primary care (e.g. continuity, access, team based care, communication) and outcome measures (e.g. patient reported functional health status, health utility measure, ambulatory care sensitive hospitalizations, health equity) between three different regions in Canada: Fraser East, BC, Eastern Ontario, ON, & Central Zone, NS; 2) Identifying and examining the individual, organization and system factors that are unique to each of the three regions that may explain primary care performance variations; 3) Working with clinicians, decision-makers and the public to identify their priorities for reporting of performance; 4) Identifying innovations of service delivery that are associated with better primary health care performance and healthcare equity; and 5) Creating real-world problem-solving ability in a learning community that includes researchers, clinicians, decision-makers, students and patients.

We have a number of opportunities for trainees interested in working on our existing dataset for quantitative (practice-based surveys, health administrative data), qualitative data (interviews, focus groups, deliberative dialogues), or mixed methods projects. Please contact Stephanie Blackman ( if you are interested in applying to TUTOR-PHC and collaborating with the TRANSFORMATION Study.