About us

Who we are

TRANSFORMATION is a multi-provincial research project to refine and improve performance measurement of the primary health care system in Canada.

Our objective

To improve health outcomes for Canadians and lower the cost of primary health care in Canada by measuring and reporting on how it performs.

Our activities

  • Comparing comprehensive measures of primary health care performance and healthcare equity between three different regions in Canada: British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.
  • Identifying and examining the factors that are unique to each of the three regions that may explain why primary health care system performance varies across the regions.
  • Working with clinicians, decision-makers and the public to identify their priorities for reporting of primary health care performance.
  • Identifying innovations of service delivery that are associated with better primary health care performance and healthcare equity.
  • Creating real-world problem-solving ability in a learning community that includes researchers, clinicians, decision-makers, students and patients.

What is primary health care?

Most Canadians’ first contact with the health care system is through a visit to a doctor, nurse practitioner, or health team based in our communities. These primary health care practitioners treat and manage a wide variety of health problems, from acute conditions, like colds and flus, to chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Measuring the performance of the primary health care system involves collecting, analyzing, and reporting information about how it carries out its functions and meets targets.