NAPCRG Annual Meeting 2014

Members of the TRANSFORMATION team presented a series of research posters at the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) Annual Meeting, November 2014.

Developing regional performance portraits for primary care using health administrative data

Julia M. Langton, William Hogg, Claudia Sanmartin, Mehdi Ammi, Sabrina T. Wong, Kimberlyn McGrail.

Listen to Julia Langton describe this poster (1:31):

Identifying priority dimensions of primary healthcare performance to measure and report to key PHC stakeholder groups

Sharon Johnston, Julia Abelson, Sabrina Wong, Bill Hogg, Fred Burge, Claudia Sanmartin, Walter Wodchis.

Listen to Sharon Johnston describe this poster (1:26):

A new twist on an old medium

J-Y Kwong, C. Scott, S.T. Wong, R. McKendry, S. Johnston, W.E. Hogg.

Listen to Jae-Yung Kwon describe this poster (1:21):

The impact of major primary healthcare innovations in British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia

Balkissoon-Grool A, Johnston S, Wong ST, Burge F, Hogg W, Scott C, Chau L, Kwon JY, Martin-Misener R.

Listen to Anne Balkisson-Grool describe this poster (1:36):

Physician engagement in research

Ester Moher, Sharon Johnston, William Hogg, and Khaled El Emam.

Listen to Ester Moher describe this poster (2:51):

Document management in a large geographically distributed research team

Leena W. Chau, William Hogg, Megan James, Anne Balkissoon-Grool, Rachael McKendry and Sabrina T. Wong.

Listen to Leena Chau describe this poster (1:47):