Study 2

Policy, funding and social contexts in regional performance

Study 2 will examine contextual factors that may explain differences in performance across the three study locations.


Ruth Martin-Misener, Sabrina Wong, and Fred Burge.


To compare how policy, funding and social factors in provincial, district, and practice contexts influence primary health care performance in and across three locations (Fraser Health in British Columbia, Eastern Ontario Health Unit, and Capital Health in Nova Scotia) to inform development of regional portraits.


This study looks at contextual facilitators and barriers that may explain regional variations in health as well as identifying innovations of service delivery that are associated with better primary health care performance and healthcare equity. Data collection in each of the above jurisdictions includes: a) interviews with 6-8 key informants; b) focus groups of 6-8 clinicians and separate focus groups with 6-8 patients; c) analysis of key documents at the local practice, regional, and provincial level and d) quantitative information about the population.